The (in)securities of everyday life
I am interested in what some words mean to us all, what we expect from their use, their connotations and connections. Words around privacy and protection, about trust and intimacy, security and privilege. On the next screen you can select one of these words and write what it means to you. You can submit as often as you like, anonymously or leave your name.  One outcome is to create a body of work for exhibition using texts and photography so if you leave details I may be in touch to discuss how and if you would like to take part.
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This will only be used by me to get in touch to follow up a response, since one of the aims of this project is to create a body of photographic work for exhibition, I may wish to get in touch to discuss that. Do not feel that you need to leave anything, your answer still contributes to the project.
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Anything else you may wish to add, about yourself, where you are, the day on which you write this. Anything or nothing, this is here for you.
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